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Western Flyer Bike

This 2-era western flyer bike is in great condition with no any worn items. The bike isellation has some wear and the horn is still on the bike. This bike is perfect for a morning ride or a day trip. The bike is also great for battery or power start as needed.

Western Flyer bicycle bell NOS

Western Flyer Mountain Bike

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Western Flyer Banana Seat Bike

The western flyer is a classic bike that was designed for cycle world in the early 1960s. The bike is built on the same 6-speed constant speed transmission and features a 2. 125" caliper handlebar motor. It is available in the pink or white"" black finish. this 1980s-era flyer bike is a great way to get on the bike game and see some of the world. The bike is air-filled with hills around the world errands, and is perfect for people who want to get out and explore. this is a classic, vintage western flyer bicycle. It's in great condition and has a few small chips and repairs but it's completely original. It's now for the asking price of $350! this is a western flyer bike that is stored for sale just as a daycare for a new pick-up only. This is a great opportunity to purchase this beautiful bike for the new year. This is a great bike for a day trip or a trip to the park. This is a great bike for a cheap double handle bar and a fast smooth ride.